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Everything Points Towards the Great Mystery


The Personality convinces you,

Over and over again,

That the Dream it creates

Is real.


So you live inside its Dream.

You can’t get out of it –

And as long as you believe it to be real

You will know nothing  of life beyond the laws, beliefs and constructs

of that Dream.


If by grace

Something wakes you from that Dream,

Not just momentarily, but permanently –

Then everything is reversed.


You can’t get back into the Dream.

You can’t escape the Mystery and wonder 

Because everything in this life points towards it.

‘Good’ things happen,

‘Bad’ things happen –

All of it throws you

Again and again and again

Into that blessed, free-falling, expanse of the Mystery


Finally, even the arising of the Dream itself

Is seen to part of that wonder and Mystery.