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Jez’s Music

I’m sharing my songs here because they all express aspects of life beyond Personality.

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If you’ve seen my interview on Conscious TV, you’ll know that my path to life beyond Personality was precipitated by a breakdown which lasted many years.  As you can imagine, this was a very difficult time* and this song doesn’t shy away from expressing how painful it was. What made the experience worse was the fact that I had no idea that it would ever end. However, it did end, and it eventually led to a loss of identification with Personality. This song sends a positive message to anyone experiencing the Suffering of Personality: if there is Readiness and willingness to learn, you can find a way back home.

* I write about this period and how it ended in chapter 7 of The Infinite Journey  


Lost and alone,
In a land beyond the known,
Back aching, feet of lead,
You can’t see the path ahead.
Reach out your hand,
No one there to understand.
Pain inside, you can’t describe,
You’re walking further from the tribe.
When hope has turned into regret,
When light is fading don’t forget:
However far away you roam,
You can find your way back home.

You can feel the devil’s breath,
On your neck as cold as death.
Voices say: ‘The cause is lost.
You tried, you failed, now pay the cost.’
Don’t run, don’t try to fight
Dark’s the other side of light.
You don’t know how but you’ll be shown
How to find a way back home.

Washed by sacred rain that falls,
From on high the thunder calls.
Clouds that shroud and bring the dark,
Hide inside a sacred spark.
Lightening cuts through black of night,
Reveals the path in flash of light.
Inside your head confusion gone,
You have the strength to carry on.

When there’s no way out,
Certainty replaced by doubt.
Letting go of ancient fear,
You watch illusions disappear.
When life puts on a frightening show,
If you can still say: ‘Is that so?’
Then from the land beyond the known
You can find your way back home.
You can find your way back home.
You can find your way back home.