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Introductory Videos

Life Beyond Personality Books Reviewed by Sigrid Kjeldsen
Interview with Conscious TV

The Natural State

The Natural State & how we lose it
The four aspects of Being
Full-feeling engagement with life and how we avoid it


What is an Opening?
Openings beyond Personality are uncaused
Openings, Awakenings & The Shift


Love is a threat to Personality
Technology, Distraction and alienation
Becoming aware of our Personality’s agendas
Addiction is a trait of Personality
What’s so bad about thinking?
How the Personality tries to pull you back into its comfort zone
The relationship between art and Personality
Benign Personalities, non-benign Personalities and the Shadow


If you are what you seek, why do you need a practice?
Energetic resonance with teaching
The teacher’s role is to expose and undermine the Personality
Cults and the dangers of Spiritual Personalities
The characteristics of teachings from beyond Personality
How exposure to this teaching undermines the Personality
Is this teaching just your own ego trip?
If practice doesn’t work, how is this teaching imparted?

The Path

Learning, resistance & Readiness
Seeing life as it is
If the Natural State is who we really are, why is there fear around returning to it?
What happens when the Personality is not indulged?

Waking Up

The Knowing
Is it possible to avoid Suffering?
Compassion & surrender
Is Waking Up just a fancy name for disassociation?
Is Non-Duality Nihilistic?
Is there still Healing after the Shift?
Is a life beyond Personality boring?
How can one operate in the world without the protection of Personality?

The Wound

What is the Wound?
How the Wound affects the Natural State
How the Wound is healed