Posted By Jez

The Wave and The Ocean


Dressed in turquoise, froth and spray
I swell in fascination with myself.
I have somewhere to go –
I know that I will be happy when I arrive,
So I keep moving, I keep turning
Endlessly confirming
I am a wave.

I am shouldered by others just like me,
All rolling in the same direction,
Each believing that someone up ahead knows the way.
And being so many of us
How can this be wrong?

But then,
Without reason, without fuss
Comes this mysterious, yet ordinary event:
The ceasing of my occupation.
This momentum which gives me purpose,
This movement which defines me,
I subside, I dissolve.
i am no longer a wave –
i am the ocean
the ocean is me.


In time,
This form rises up again.
The ocean looks the same, but everything has changed.
i do not strive to be different from how i am,
i cannot make myself any greater or lesser –
i can only be the form which the ocean gives me.

i cannot choose where i’m going –
i can only flow where the currents pull me.
i have no destination,
Everywhere is here.

i am the back and forth,
The up and down,
The stillness and the rage.
i am the wave and the ocean.