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Your Beliefs are Nothing but Second-hand Knowledge


Your beliefs are nothing but second-hand knowledge.

That includes the belief that ‘there is no me.’

It’s just something you have heard.

That doesn’t mean it is not true,

But it is not your experience.

It is not your knowledge, 

So you could say that it’s not true for you.


As far as you are concerned, it may not be true –  for anyone.

That is the attitude you have to take.

Until you have found out for yourself, you don’t know.


That not knowing is sacred because it is honest.

Much better than carrying around other people’s knowledge,

Than being burdened by beliefs of things you would like to be true.

That doesn’t serve you at all,

 It simply stops you finding out for yourself.


Look inside and find out what you do know, 

beyond belief. 

Whatever that is…

Start there.