Posted By Jez

‘You’ Can’t Solve the Great Mystery


Knowledge can take you so far,
And then you’re left in the domain of the Great Mystery.
‘You’ can’t understand the Great Mystery –
‘You’ can’t solve it.
Who is it who wants to?
If you observe carefully and honestly,
You might see that it is the Personality itself.

Why does the Personality want to understand the Great Mystery?
Because it pursues the illusion of control,
The illusion of control makes it feel safer
Because it distracts from the Suffering.
But it is a futile pursuit.
That control the Personality is seeking cannot be found.
But it will keep trying…
And trying…

‘You’ can’t solve the Great Mystery,
‘You’ can’t understand it.
That is true before the Shift beyond Personality
and it is true after that Shift.

I write about the Great Mystery,
Not with any idea that it can be solved,
But simply to point towards it
And away from Personality
Which obscures the perception of it.

‘You’ can’t solve the Great Mystery,
But ‘you’ can feel it; ‘you’ can live it.
The Yearning to Wake Up is a natural urge to go beyond Personality
So the Great Mystery can be lived and felt fully.
It is a return to the Natural State that we lived as young children.

‘The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.’ Socrates