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What do I mean by Life Beyond Personality?

We enter this world as the experience of Oneness, or Being, but we lose our perception of this as we grow up and become identified with our Personality. After that identification, the Suffering of Personality overshadows the Stillness and Love of our Natural State. However, it’s possible to return to the experience of this Natural State as an adult: to live a life beyond Personality.

How is this possible? What does it mean to the life that is lived? Life Beyond Personality is a series of two accessible, practical books – The Story of ‘You’ and The Infinite Journey – which take you behind the spiritual jargon into the heart of all the difficult, confusing and often unanswered questions about what it means to Wake Up to your original state of Being.

These books take the form of intimate discussions between myself and my friend Matthew. Together we drill down into each topic and take the reader on a journey to a place beyond belief,  hope and desire: a place beyond Personality that is everyone’s birthright.


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