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Authenticity – Video & Lyrics

Listen up people, I’ve got something to say:
You’re one of seven billion on the planet today.
All of us are different, and you know for sure,
There’s never been a ‘you’ on the planet before.
Your life’s a story that’s never been told,
When God made you She broke the mould.
So whatever ‘you’ are, you gotta set it free,
Live your life with authenticity.

Every artist knows that
Fashion comes and fashion goes.
Don’t try to fit in, just be true,
Let the whole damn world fit in with you.
Comparison is just for fools,
Sometimes you gotta break the rules.
It’s the only way to be –
Shining with your authenticity.

You don’t have to sing,
Like Ella, Nina, Nat or Bing.
Don’t make the marks that Pablo made,
Or play guitar like Jimi played.
Don’t try and be what you are not,
Just come on out with what you’ve got.
And when you do, you will see,
All you need is authenticity.

Before you find your style,
You try on someone else for a while,
If you walk a mile in someone’s shoes,
You can understand their point of view,
But if you walk too far, it’s a big mistake
Those shoes start pinching, you feel a fake.
You gotta kick them off and then you will see
How to live with authenticity.
Authenticity, authenticity, authenticity.

© Copyright Jez Alborough 2022