Posted By Matthew

In Her the Light has Broken Through

How many tests how many trials?
Crawling ‘cross ten thousand miles.
All this suffering and then,
Your beginning is with you again.
There’s nothing left she needs to do:
In her the light has broken through.

The present shines the past is dead,
A distant dream, a skin he shed.
Unleashed the ties of grief and fear,
Watch illusions all disappear.
Nothing’s changed but all is new:
In him the light has broken through.

You kept on pushing every door was closed.
Instead of answers just more questions posed.
Now the questions all disappear,
You find the answers that were always here.

No one left to make amends,
This is where the seeking ends.
Held in loving arms divine,

Mother life whispers: ‘You are mine.’
Remember what we all once knew:
In you the light has broken through
In you the light has broken through.

© Jez Alborough 2019