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There is a Love

Before the ape became a man, and the story of Homo Sapiens.
The world was such a different place,
Untouched by the mind of the human race.
Before religion took a hold and magical myths were told,
No Gods to believe in, no saviours, no sin.
Before the churches all were built, no such thing as guilt,
No evil, demons, heaven or hell – no salvation to sell.

When the ape became a man,
the reign of the human primate began.
With a brain that could reason and calculate,
Visualise, design, invent and create.
Now plastics choke the ocean tides
and the colour drains as the coral dies,
our chimneys and cars poison the air
Our governments lie while pretending to care.
The ice melts into warming seas,
While we cut down the ancient sacred trees.
The lungs of the earth are shrinking each day,
Our cousins in the trees have nowhere to stay.

We are visitors here, there’s nothing we own,
But we’re killing the gift of this beautiful home.

Before the human story begun,
The land was free and the earth was one,
But the mind of man it splits and divides,
One line in the sand creates two different sides.
Then came borders, countries, guards and gates,
An us to protect, a them to hate,
Fences to build, barbed wire to be strung,
A sovereign nation with flags to be hung.
Armed forces to protect and defend,
With orders to follow, fighter jets to send.
We forget there existed a time before,
The invention of bombs and bullets and war.

There is a love, no religion can claim,
Timeless, boundless, a love with no name.

They stare from the zoos with despair in their eyes,
At the naked ape that got civilised,
With our stress, anxiety, addiction and pills,
Fast-food diets that fatten and kill.
Through the bars they observe our obsessive routines,
Of selfies and staring and stabbing at screens.
Modern technology has set us all free,
To worship the Gods of celebrity.
We buy with a click, they deliver same day,
But that cold empty feeling just won’t go away.
They send rockets up there to explore distant space,
But we’re losing the soul of the human race.

What have we done? Evolution derailed.
What did we become? The experiment failed.
Remember a love, it was there when we came,
Timeless, boundless, a love with no name.

© Copyright Jez Alborough 2022